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    Welcome to Happsan

    Learning made fun!

    Challenge your friends
    Flip it by Happsan
    Happsan introduces Flip it! A fun, addictive number game with a strategic twist. Challenge your friends, random opponents or our happy droid Glenn. You can also pass the game around and play on the same device.
    Get 31
    Will you be the one who gets 31?
    This time and turn based game is a fun way to practice your memory and the ability to make quick calculations.
    Connect the dots. Don't get tangled!
    Connect the dots. Don't get tangled! Tanglo is a challenging and fun game for all ages, with many levels and difficulties.
    You play every level in your own pace, and with very simple controls it is perfect game to play everywhere and every time, just continue where you left off.
    Area control!
    Neon ride
    Neon is a time and score based game, with the goal to take control over a defined area.
    The plot of Neon is that a dark force has taken control of almost all the light in the world and it is up to you and your Neon bike to reclaim the wastelands and push back the darkness...
    Math Tub
    Math Tub lets you practice multiplication and division in several fun mini-games. If you are a beginner or a pro - you will still have a blast!
    Math Bugs
    Math Bugs is perfect when you want to practice number sense or start working with numbers in decimal form. Create fun Bugs and compare them to others!