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    Flip it by Happsan
    Happsan introduces Flip it! A fun, addictive number game with a strategic twist. Challenge your friends, random opponents or our happy droid Glenn. You can also pass the game around and play on the same device.

    Flip it is a challenging, social number game where you can play against Glenn, our happy droid, or you can invite and play with your friends from all around the world! You can also let Flip it find you a random opponent or play a passaround game.

    You can play with three different difficulties as single player. Choose the hardest setting and Glenn will try his very hardest to beat you. Are you up for the challenge?

    The gameplay consists of a board with 42 tiles. Roll the three dice and make the best calculation possible to take the tile with the highest score. You also earn points for the neighbouring tiles already claimed by your opponent.

    Flip it is like no other board game - there are three parts you need to master to win; calculate the right numbers to get points, figure out the best strategy to choose what tile to take and of course you will need some luck with the dice!

    To win you need to get the highest score and avoid to pass. The first player to pass three times is out!

    Regardless of age and education - Flip it is just as fun and simple, yet challenging for everyone!

    Good luck!

    ps. A promise from us to you is that except having fun, your basic arithmetic skills will be vastly improved in your everyday life!

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  • Choose to play with Glenn, your friends, a random opponent or pass Flip it around
  • Play with Glenn at different difficulties; easy, medium or hard
  • Figure out what combination gives the highest points
  • Collect all the achievements
  • Chat with your opponents
  • See in the chat with Glenn if you made the best calculation or not
  • See all calculations made in the game

  • Premium features:
  • Unlimited number of games against Glenn
  • Unlimited number of multiplayer games at the same time
  • Ad free

  • All premium features included for a limited time!

    Flip it is based on the game concept Plump, by Ingvar O Persson, and is developed with his permission.

    © Happsan AB 2013